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# IBR Thesis Framework
Welcome to the IBR thesis framework!
So, you are going the write a thesis at our institute. This is a very good choice! To make your life easier we have prepared a basic structure aka. framework to put your written text into. You already found the README for this framework, good job!
## Steps to write your thesis
This manual is for students who have none or only very basic knowledge of LaTeX. If you know what you are doing, you do not have to adhere to this manual. But then: Proceed at your own risk!
### Clone this repository
`git clone`
This clones this repository into the folder `thesis_framework`. You can write your thesis right in that directory. As this is already a git repository you can track your work on your text with it. We strongly advice you to do so: Commit often!
### Configuration
You find the basic configuration of your thesis in the file `configuration.tex`. Check it and change it to suit your needs.
### Expose/Proposal
The main file to run `pdflatex` on to build the expose is `expose/expose.tex`.
### Thesis
The main file to run `pdflatex` on to build the thesis is `thesis/thesis.tex`.
#### Abstract
Put your abstract into the file `thesis/abstract.tex`. If you write your thesis in german you need a german "Zusammenfassung" and an english "Abstract". If you write it in english. You only need the english abstract.
#### Chapters
Make a file for each chapter of your thesis in `thesis/chapters/`. This makes organization of your text easier. There are some examples in there already.
### Bibliography
Put your bibtex items into `bibliography.bib`. This file is shared between the expose and the thesis.
### Images
Put all images in the folder called `images`. You can reuse images from your expose in your thesis.
## The `lib` folder
This folder contains a lot of LaTeX magic that you normally do not need to touch if we did our job on the framework well. If you find errors though, feel free to modify it. Send us a pull request if you fix a bug!
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