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% thesis configuration file %
% your name goes here
% add ", B. Sc." if you already have a title
\newcommand{\name}{John Doe}
% your Matrikelnummer
% your e-mail adress
% your subject (german: "Studiengang")
% the duration of your thesis
% for bachelor theses this is 3 or 4 month depending on your subject
% for master theses this is 6 months
% you can have up to three supervisors
% leave additional ones empty if not needed
\supervisors{Super Visor, M. Sc.}{}{}
% the professor
\newcommand{\professor}{Prof.\,Dr.-Ing.\,Lars Wolf}
% the german and english title of your thesis
% If you write thesis in german an english title is mandatory!
% If you write in english the english title is enough. Leave the german one empty.
\newcommand{\titlegerman}{Dein Titel}
\newcommand{\titleenglish}{Your title}
% the date you sign your proposal
% your time to write your thesis starts at this date!
% the date you hand in your thesis
% final date that will be printed on the thesis
% true: german
% false: english
% CAUTION: If you change the language, you have to delete the files expose.aux and thesis.aux. Otherwise you will get an error message during compilation!
% true: master's thesis
% false: bachelor's thesis
\ No newline at end of file
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